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    Problems needing attention in ship repair

    (1) the repair cost varies greatly depending on the repair content

    It is very important to arrange and control the repair project reasonably. In the past, some of the shipping enterprises in the maintenance of ships on the issue of the practice is to accumulate a lot of maintenance work, to be repaired after the ship into the factory. This not only prolongs the repair time, but also increases the repair cost. Many shipowners now try to control the items that need to be repaired in a smaller range. When the need for some repair project, not simply to repair the ship into the shipyard, but first consider whether it is possible to use a variety of more flexible and economic measures, such as temporary increase of seafarers on board a ship in port for repairs; temporary repair workers; hire experts on ship guidance etc.. Although it has to increase some repair costs, it still saves a lot compared with the repair in the factory. Especially, these methods do not shorten the operation time of the ship.

    (2) the selection of the shipyard should be determined by comparison

    This should include the repair fee level, repair quality, repair place to ship from before and after the voyage and may get into the factory shipments opportunities etc.. Some companies require that the major repairs of the ship should be returned to their own base, which is not necessarily beneficial. Although the repair of the ship back to the base can reduce the foreign exchange expenditure, it may also cause the ship sailing loss. Generally speaking, unless there are obvious differences in the quality, time and cost of ship repair, it is more appropriate for ships to choose repair sites nearby.

    (3) the repair time directly affects the operation efficiency of the ship

    The length of repair cycle directly affects the number of days of operation of the ship, thereby affecting the economic benefits of the enterprise. In order to shorten the repair period, the ship should advance to repair factory pre preparation and formulation of single submit repair repair plan. In order to avoid hasty start or because of poor planning and additional projects in the repair process, rework, repeat, and prolong the repair period, the ship can also invite the manufacturer prior to follow the ship, the ship is put forward according to the repair project of field inspection on the voyage, and then discuss the repair plan.

    In addition, sometimes for some reason, such as to avoid the shipyard in some period of the task is too large, or in order to meet the upcoming heavy transport task, need to arrange some ships in advance and repair.

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