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    Ship repair -- planned maintenance and repair

    Planned maintenance repair

    The hull and equipment will have natural loss during operation, and will expose some defects, or large or small damage, over time. In order to continue to use safely, repairs must be made in a planned way. The plan includes maintenance and repair, repair and overhaul (MRO or repair and overhaul).

    Aircraft repair: in the operation of the ship sailing period, influence and must be made by the shipyard and the aircraft repair stations to assist general repairs and general accident repair, aircraft repair should use voyage in Hong Kong parking time, the shipyard and the aircraft repair stations should actively pay attention to aircraft repair work, received notice is to arrange necessary repairs with the ship, as far as possible without affecting the shipping production.

    According to the factory repair project is: repair cycle plan combined with the provisions of the periodic inspection. The purpose is to eliminate minor wear produced in the operation of the transition to the next plan, ensure the safe operation of the repair period. General repairs and docking repair at the same time. The minor is mainly focus on inspection and repair of the hull, rudder, shafting, seacock, main auxiliary equipment, boiler and engineering vessels and other special equipment, only the original equipment adjustment, grinding, replacement parts, cleaning and maintenance work, in addition to harbor engineering ship, do not have fixed reconstruction. The basic maintenance project scope as follows.

    (1) the ship corrosion rust paint (no rust and paint and good parts, do not rust and paint), repair a small amount of the hull structure, outer plate, deck or other plates on the local loss of appropriate subsidies or patching.

    (2) the local assembly and disassembly of the main engine, adjustment of clearance, bearing pouring lead. If there is no special case, the main engine of the sea ship will not hang the crankshaft, the main engine crankshaft of the main engine will not leave the cabin, and the main engine of the large diesel engine will not disintegrate.

    (3) general inspection and repair of auxiliaries and piping systems can be done to replace parts, but not to be painted or shifted.

    (4) boiler internal cleaning, repair accessories, and repair part of the furnace tube, small pull bar, welding repair cracks, but not stripping furnace clothes, not disintegration. Not for special needs, not for water pressure test.

    (5) the construction of special equipment inspection and repair, repair tools, can dredge pump, mud pile hammer, winch wearing parts.

    Maintenance interval of motor ships, engineering ships, refrigerated food barge, barge, a tank barge for 12 ~ 18 months, and 18 barges warping vessel to 24 months, and the following two barges barge for 24 - 36 months, some barges without repair. The upper and lower limits of the interval shall be determined by the technical unit of the vessel, but not exceeding the upper limit according to the navigation area, operation condition and equipment condition.

    According to the provisions of engineering maintenance is the factory repair interval of 2 - 3 times the minor cycle and combined with the regular inspection of. The purpose of the overhaul is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the hull, main engine and other key equipment, large defects can not be solved in the repair of minor repairs, maintaining security and operating conditions of the strength of the ship and the main equipment. The problems found in inspection and maintenance, repair should be all that must be addressed, but the joint project can solve the safe use of minor repairs to the next record, can continue to use, repair, respectively after minor repairs. The basic engineering scope of maintenance is:

    The disassembly and assembly project stipulated by periodical inspection;

    Rust removing paint when the hull is corroded;

    The repair part of the hull, deck and skeleton;

    4. The main engine allows disassembly and repair, and changes the main parts; the auxiliary engine can be repaired or replaced by the whole cabin;

    The boiler is allowed to draw out the furnace shell, cut the combustion chamber, and carry out the hydrostatic test according to the time limit stipulated in the inspection;

    The maintenance is not a fixed reconstruction, but little on the quantities and the operation has significant effect of the renovation project, the demonstration and approved, can be combined with the maintenance of;

    Special equipment, engineering ships should conduct a comprehensive check, allowing the replacement of dredging, piling, the main part of lifting equipment and special equipment.

    Is the biggest overhaul plan to determine the repair other repair, repair projects, must comply with the safety and the principle of diligence and thrift, generally do not replace the superstructure, the ship does not change the host and the boiler. ,

    Maintenance interval period: motor ships, engineering ships, ships, refrigerated food warping barge, barge, a steel pontoon barges, the sea is 4 to 6 years; the river is 6 ~ 9 years of steel barges; cargo barge and following two barges without maintenance.

    The time interval based to repair other arrangements, the project is divided, due to technical condition of ship, ship type is complex and varied, such as problem, should be based on the specific circumstances, realistically solve, allowing individual repair of the project scope of repair.

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